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Opening Night of "Spectrum" Exhibition

Yesterday evening was the private viewing my new exhibition 'Spectrum', as well as for 20 other art exhibits on display at the Portico Gallery during the Dulwich Festival 2012. It was nice to see how people reacted to certain images, particularly those of insects and macro subjects, and being able to show them a side of nature that most people (especially in the city) don't usually, if ever, get to see.

Quite a few people asked me about the technical execution of each image, and many were surprised to hear that I don't use photoshop or any high-tech editing software. As a nature photographer, I really only want to do the most minimal post-processing work to my photos, keeping it faithful to how I saw each scene - so where the colours are most vibrant, it is either because I used a diffused flash (such as with the black and white macros) or because the colours really were that vibrant.

'Spectrum' runs until Sunday 20th May at the Portico Gallery, every day from 11am-6pm. For more information, visit the exhibition website.

Interested in seeing more of my photos? Click here to visit my Facebook Page.


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