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A B O U T    P A U L


I am a wildlife photographer and camera-man based in London,

with 18 years of experience in wildlife and documentary. 



I discovered photography at the age of 14, as a way of responding to nature's beauty. My first competition win, in the 2005 WWT Photography Awards, gave me a boost to pick up a camera for good and go off in search of animals great and small.


Influenced by my time working in Edinburgh as a performance and events photographer, my photos focus on the light and fleeting essence of each moment I spend with a wild animal. I prefer to shoot at dawn and dusk to find the most emotive and dreamlike atmospheres that capture the imagination.


Photography has taken me from the cobalt glaciers of Alaska and the mangrove swamps of Florida to the remote caves of Slovenia and the fierce winter seas off South Africa. I am most at home however at my family's cottage in Normandy with the familiar animals that I first practised my photography on. 

Clients & Publications

I exhibited at the SCOPE & Art Basel 2014 show in Miami, and I held my private exhibition of wildlife work, Spectrum, in 2012.  


My work has featured in numerous publications:

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Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 15.54.23.png

I have been fortunate enough to have successful in many prestigious competitions, which include:

  • 2023 NatureTTL Photographer of the Year. 3x Finalist. 

  • 2023 Mammal Photographer of the Year. 2x Highly Commended. 

  • 2022 British Wildlife Photography Awards. Finalist. 

  • 2019 WWT Wildlife Photography Competition. Commended.

  • 2015 International WildBird Photographer Of The Year. Finalist in "Birds In Landscape" category. 

  • 2015 International WildBird Photographer Of The Year. Finalist in "Artistic Visions Of Birds" category. 

  • 2015 Scottish Seabird Centre Nature Photography Awards. Winner of "Creative Visions Of Nature" category, and 4x finalist.

  • 2014 Mammal Photographer Of The Year. 2x Highly Commended. 

  • 2014 Scottish Nature Photography Awards. Runner Up of "Student Award" category. 

  • 2014 RSPB Scotland Photographer Of The Year. Commended in "Wildscapes" category. 

  • 2013 Scottish Seabird Centre Nature Photography Awards. Finalist in "Creative Visions Of Nature" and "Landscape" categories. 

  • 2012 Scottish Seabird Centre Nature Photography Awards. Winner of "Worldwide Wildlife" category.

  • 2011 International Garden Photographer Of The Year. Finalist in "Textures" and 2x Finalist in "Wildlife Havens" categories.

  • 2010 International Garden Photographer Of The Year. Finalist and 2x Semi-Finalist in "Insect Beauties" categories. 

  • 2009 RX Digital Wildlife Photography Competition. Winner of "13-18yrs" category. 

  • 2008 British Wildlife Photography Awards. Runner-Up of "13-18yrs" category.

  • 2006 WWT Wildlife Photography Competition. Commended.

  • 2005 WWT Wildlife Photography Competition. Winner and Runner-Up of "Junior" category. 

Photographers who inspire me include Vincent Munier, Michel D'Oultremont, Sandra Bartocha, Andy Rouse, Bence Mate, Joel Sartore, Tim Laman, Jasper Doest, Paul Nicklen. 

Following an MA in Documentary Production at UWE Bristol (2015), I now work as a producer on a broad slate of documentary, adventure/travel and reality content for the BBC, ITV, C4, C5, History Channel and Discovery, among others. Whilst filming has taken me from the jungles of Panama to the mountain villages of Italy, it is the stories closest to home that compel me most. 

I am experienced shooting on a range of cameras, namely Canon C500 and C300, the Sony PMW range and Sony FS700. 

Awards & Accolades

Professional Camera Equipment

What's in your camera bag?

A bit about what I shoot with . . . I use a Canon R7 mirrorless, a 5DMkII as my rugged second camera, and a nifty 550D for wide-angle shots. I have a Fujifilm FinePix XP80 for rare dips into underwater photography.


I love working with prime lenses for their soft focus and low light capabilities - namely the Canon 400mm f5.6, 100mm f2.8 macro, and 50mm f1.4. My Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 has been a great addition for getting shots of animals in their environment. 

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