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Hebridean Adventure


A 5-day journey of exploration across Scotland's western isles, 

with prehistoric coastal landscapes, seabirds and dolphin-watching

A private nature and photography tour to Scotland's Inner Hebrides, arranged for the University Of Edinburgh Photographic Society. Please note this tour is no longer available. 


From the volcanic fractal beaches of Eigg, where the calls of corncrakes herald the arrival of summer to the remote isles . . . To Rhum, whose rugged peaks are ruled by majestic red deer and golden eagles, whose streams are home to elusive otters . . . And finally to Canna, where one can escape from the world and watch its magical sunsets across the bay, with a supporting cast of puffins, seals and cetaceans. 

Trip Reports 

Tour Report (June 2014)

Tour Report (June 2013)

Canna sunset
St Edward's Chapel
Red Deer
Canna timelapse
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