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"Wild Abruzzo" Screened In Italy!

I've just received news that my short film Wild Abruzzo was recently screened in the Abruzzo National Park as part of the new Digital Park Festival. It was projected alongside 14 other films at the Renzo Piano Theatre in Aquila, the capital of the Abruzzo. The films were chosen by a panel to promote the area's natural history and traditional culture, so I am very pleased that my tribute film to the park's amazing wildlife is creating exposure for the parks.

This is what the selection jury thought: "This is a lovely homage to the wildlife of the Abruzzen parks. The strength of this film lies in the care given to each shot, supported by wonderful cinematography and the skilful use of time-lapse photography. There is perfect stylistic harmony in the editing and the excellent choice of music. The film's classical structure works well that it does not suffer from any lack of originality".

The film, at just 1 minute long, is a short compilation in the style of 1 day in the Abruzzo. You can watch the film online here:

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