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E U R O P E    P H O T O    T O U R S



I am proud to offer my services as a photography and nature guide. Whatever your photographic goals, I will strive to help you produce great results!

My workshops focus on these core values - 

  • Unique private access to remarkable locations

  • Repeat quality close encounters with our target species, in a variety of light and weather conditions, so you can build a rich and varied portfolio of images 

  • Immersion in one place and culture to truly develop your photographic vision at your own pace

  • Small group sizes to ensure the best learning environment and lots of 1-on-1 guidance

Gift vouchers are available in my Online Shop and are redeemable for up to 12 months on any workshop or tour. 

Take a look at my Brochure for current workshops, or get in touch to arrange a tailor-made private itinerary to suit you. 

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P E L I C A N S   O F   

K E R K I N I 


Dates in 2024

January & February 2025

Take your photography to new creative heights in this 5-day photo holiday dedicated to the charismatic Dalmatian Pelicans of Lake Kerkini!


Learn a variety of techniques from wide-angle and flight photography, to backlit, high-key and creative portraiture that will set your images apart from the crowd. 

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W I L D   M A D R I D


February 2024.

A new tour on a private estate, with photography hides for the rare Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black and Griffon Vulture, Genet, Little Owl, Iberian Shrike, Azure-Winged Magpie, forest birds and Ibex. 


This tour can be combined with the "Raptors of the Pyrenees" and/or "Land of the Lynx" tours. 

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* N E W   T O U R ! *

L A N D   O F   T H E   L Y N X



February 13 - 18 2024 / February 18 - 23 2024 

A 5-day workshop dedicated to tracking and photographing the rare Iberian Lynx, the rarest feline in Europe with just 400 individuals in Andalucia. With expert guidance, our aim is to observe family interactions and hunting behaviours. 

This tour can be combined with the "Wild Madrid" and/or "Raptors of the Pyrenees" tours. 


Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 17.43.04.png

R A P T O R S    O F    T H E 


February 2024

A new bird of prey tour in the Pyrenees, with an unparalleled focus on action and wide-angle photography. 

Species: Lammergeier, Cinereous Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Bonelli's Eagle, Golden Eagle, Marsh Harrier, Goshawk, Sparrowhawk, Lesser Kestrel, Red Kite, Buzzard, Eagle Owl, Little Owl, Long-Eared Owl

This tour can be combined with the "Wild Madrid" and/or "Land Of The Lynx" tours. 


A R C T I C   A D V E N T U R E


June 2nd - 8th 2024 / June 8th - 14th 2024

Join me in Longyearbyen for this fabulous 6-night photography tour to capture images of Arctic wildlife.

This photography adventure is designed to provide you with photo opportunities of the Arctic Fox, Svalbard Rock Ptarmigan, Snow Bunting, Svalbard Reindeer, Little Auk, Red-throated Diver, King Eider, Walrus, many bird species, and much more!

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 19.04.42.png

* N E W   T O U R ! *

R E A L M   O F   T H E   W O L F



Dates in late September and October 2024. 

A 5-day workshop dedicated to tracking and photographing the rare Apennine Wolf, unique to the mountains of Italy. With expert guidance, our aim is to observe pups playing, family interactions, and pack hunting behaviours. 



A B R U Z Z O   A D V E N T U R E 



Dates in September and October 2024. 

Private Tours on request in Summer 2024.

Get in touch to enquire about a private tour. 

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We are excited to announce that we have found some reliable wolf families for our 2024 Autumn Tours, and have a 90% success rate of photographing wolves playing, fighting and mating these past two years. 

With rolling hills, medieval villages, crystal-clear rivers and lush beech woodlands, the Abruzzo in central Italy offers you the chance to observe Italy's most iconic animals in spectacular surroundings - in particular the rare Marsican Bear, Apennine Wolf, Chamois and a variety of birdlife and butterflies. 

B E S P O K E    T O U R S

Travelling in a small group allows you to meet like-minded wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. However, you may prefer a private experience to get the most out of the photographic potential of each location visited at your own pace. 


All workshops featured here can be adapted for a private experience if you prefer to travel independently or with friends and family. 


Please contact me to arrange a tailor-made private itinerary that suits your requirements - you choose the location, the species and the dates, and I take care of the rest. 


I am also constantly on the lookout for new and exciting destinations, so do get in touch if your dream photo destination is not yet featured. 

What Participants Are Saying . . . 

"This workshop fitted exactly was I was looking for. The whole experience and the few hours I spent with Paul were magical. I've learned new techniques. Wildlife photography was something I've never done before but Paul made it so much easier and gave me the push to do it again. If anyone is reading my comment, do not hesitate to book this workshop - it's worth every penny and you learn more and more. Again thank you Paul for your time - you are a gem."

Djamel (Urban Wildlife)


"Thanks a lot for the session - it was great fun and we both really enjoyed it. The session really shed light on aspects that I'd never though about when approaching photography. Learnings from today will definitely help stimulate the right thinking and will be really valuable to my approach to capturing animals. Hope to be on one of your trips soon in the near future!"

Nikhil and Lili (Urban Wildlife)

"Can I just say thank you so much for such a brilliant morning! I learnt so much and have much to practise. It was lovely to meet you and learn from all that knowledge you have, and I know a few more bird names now too! Thanks again; I will be recommending the course to everyone!"


Jenni (Urban Wildlife) 


"Your workshop was incredibly helpful. I had a lot of fun and learned a great deal about technical photography."


Diane (Urban Wildlife)

"I really enjoyed the workshop, thank you. I learned a lot and thank you for answering every one of my questions! Really looking forward to trying all your tips out, and maybe see you on the next workshop!"

Maggie (Urban Wildlife)

"Thanks for a really enjoyable day. I feel like I have learned so much as a total novice."

Frank (Urban Wildlife)

"Thanks for a fascinating day today. I learned so much and am looking forward to putting it into practice."

Kerri (Urban Wildlife)


"Out of all the previous workshops I've attended in the past, Paul's was definitely the best. He knew how to make it fun and interesting by executing different techniques and ideas whatever the situation. Sitting down with him afterwards and discussing my photos proved to be inspirational. This is a guy who knows how to work with people to get great shots, and the end product was top notch! Can't recommend this guy enough!"

Chris (Scottish Shores)

"Thanks again for this fantastic workshop, and thank you very much for the detailed feedback you gave me on my photos - very useful and appreciated, and it has given me the motivation I needed for my next photo project!

Isabelle (Scottish Shores)

"Huge thanks to Paul for being so accommodating. He kindly adapted plans to suit our goals and I learned so much in the process thanks to his guidance."

Matt (Arctic Adventure)

"Paul's workshop opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of seeing. Very inspiring!"


Martyna (Winter Wetlands) 

"I've been on many of Paul's workshops and have always been impressed with how he can pull great photo opportunities out of unexpected situations."

Kat (Winter Wetlands / Scottish Shores)

"Paul's ability to work things out with me and talk through my photos over Skype made the entire editing process five times easier than in the past. Sitting down together for photo editing and discussing our opinions was a fast, fluid, and easy-going process." 

Chris (Photo Feedback) 

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