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Top 10 Photos of 2019

Every year I find it rewarding to look through my photos taken over the past 12 months. I recommend this to every photographer as it's a great way to evaluate your work and come up with new ideas to keep the creative process moving. With a new decade approaching, whittling down my 2019 archive to a shortlist of just 10 favourites has felt like more of a challenge than ever and it's been a surprise to see which ones have come out top.

With many of these taken in the Arctic and on my London home-turf, there's a mix of crowdpleasers as well as some more experimental images which I'm fond of because they're unlike anything I've ever photographed before - which for me is the whole point of this exercise. For me the strongest photos are the ones that I never saw coming - moments of pure surprise which I probably, almost certainly, won't photograph or see that same way again.

From cute animal portraits and fast action shots to fine art abstracts and studies of light, taken from dawn to dusk and under the midnight sun, in mist, snow, mud and sunshine - here are my Top 10 Photos Of 2019. I hope you enjoy and share your favourite!

A stag beetle raises its mini antlers towards the orb of the setting sun. This was voted by my social media followers as their favourite photo of 2019, and it's one of my favourites from 20 years of visiting Normandy as it transports me back to a warm midsummer night in Normandy when the meadows were alive with bugs and birdsong.

The male ptarmigan is a master of camouflage in the snowy mountains of Svalbard. At a distance and with his back turned, he looked like a bowling pin! Only his red eyebrow wattles gave his presence away. I was drawn to his cryptic posture and the sparse colour palette of this landscape.