Peregrine: The World's Fastest Bird                                                               May - July 2016

Every summer, a pair of Peregrine Falcons breeds in the Avon Gorge, near my home in Bristol. As the world’s fastest bird, with top speeds of 240mph

(390km/h), their hunting antics are spectacular to watch. I really wanted to show just how fast these birds are when in hunting mode - in a way that I

haven't seen photographs do before. So I spent the breeding season of 2016 aiming for a photograph that conveyed the adrenaline of the sky chase. 

The Bat Doctors of Bristol                                                                                      June 2017

Kiri and Stewart run a bat hospital in their Bristol home. As registered bat-carers with Avon Bat Group (ABG) and Avon Bat Care (ABC), they respond to

calls across Bristol and Somerset - rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing close to 100 bats every year.  


In the UK, bat populations have declined considerably over the last century. Building development affects bat hibernation and maternity roosts, forcing them to find new roost-sites at a critical time. Common causes of injury to bats include cat attacks, flypaper and some chemical treatments of building materials, whilst the presence of wind turbines and lighting near to prime bat habitat can have devastating consequences for a roost. 

Vanishing Light                                                                                                      Ongoing

Wildlife photography is full of fleeting magical moments, which makes it such an enjoyable pursuit. The last few minutes of dusk is my favourite time for 

taking photos - when there is nothing left but a glimmer of light to illuminate the scene. 

RSPB Scottish Bird Fair                                                                                         May 2014

Reportage photos from working as a photographer at the Bird Fair in Hopetoun House, Edinburgh. 

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