Texas & New Mexico

April 2017

From the Great Plains of the north, to the subtropical banks of the Lower Rio-Grande . . . and from the pineywoods and cypress swamps of the east, to the dry canyons and deserts of the west . . . Texas is unique in its biodiversity. And yet today, it is a very different place from what it was a century ago. Ruralisation and changes in farming, ranching and lumber production have shaped the land, creating a Texas much unlike its past self, and animals that were once common are now endangered or severely reduced in distribution. 

With my friend Mohammad and on my own, I photographed some of the iconic fauna and flora of the Lone Star State. I was especially drawn to species that originate from Louisiana (east), Mexico (south-west) and New Mexico (north-west) and that have adapted over time to Texas's harsh environments.

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